Confessions of a workaholic solo traveler

I’m don’t hustle like the many who wear in on their sleeves. I don’t even have entrepreneurial dreams*. One of my lifetime ambitions is to travel to each and every country in the world. And the worst part is that I don’t have a strong ‘why’ behind it. It’s just something I want to do. […]

Any given Sunday!

Hand me a list and I’ll get to work. Today wasn’t any different. I should ideally be happy. The day was super productive… But it’s almost midnight and I miss my kids. They’re fast asleep. Of course, I’ll catch up with them tomorrow but that’s not the point. The challenge with all us hustlers is […]

A workaholic’s tip to handling an unproductive day…

I had just six things on my list today and could just strike off a couple of them. I know, that’s way too unproductive! I surely could’ve done more… And here’s the worst part — I was on leave and had all the time in the world to get things done. But I didn’t. Take […]

A workaholic’s super-short guide to surviving family time…

Is a massive commitment! It’s almost midnight and I haven’t done anything near “productive” since 3 this afternoon! It sort of bothered me for the first couple of hours but then I just let go (which as some of you know can be a struggle for me). And boy, what a relief it was! Loosening […]