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  • Workplace advice that suck

    I think our workplaces are packed with unpaid counsellors ready to dish out life-changing advice at the drop of a hat! If you can sense my sarcasm, you also know that almost 95% of all that you hear is based on the advisor’s observation. Not your context. The remaining 5% does’t even make sense. I’ll […]

  • How to get work done in a chaotic environment?

    For most people, office will be the place to get work done. And while the rest might whine and complain how unproductive it is to get anything useful done at the workplace, you really don’t have much of a choice. Unless, you’re working for a company that offers flexibility to work anytime and anywhere you […]

  • On gifting at the workplace

    I think I’ve mentioned this elsewhere in the blog, but it’s bears yet another mention — I suck at gifting. And I don’t even try, which isn’t a great thing to be boast about as my family, friends and colleagues at the workplace would agree. One aspect that confuses me the most is the culture […]

  • The 5x5x5 system for tracking performance

    While I see and hear more companies eliminating performance reviews, I’m not fully convinced if that is the best way forward. Particularly when the generations of employees working with us care more about their growth, performance and data to back their efforts. Heck, these companies themselves are going crazy about AI and big data! What’s […]

  • Why I think “Off-seasons” at the workplace should be utilized well

    Almost every business goes through a patch (call it “season” if you will) that is low in volume, work-wise. These are my favorites (much to people’s dismay) because it allows us to think outside the box and take up meaningful projects that both as a recharge and a much-needed break. Unfortunately, most teams don’t utilize […]

  • When you’re too scared to ask questions

    As much as I would like leaders to be more compassionate and empathetic with their subordinates, I also would prefer the latter to have the courage, humility and discipline to follow through on their responsibilities as team players. That goes beyond their KRAs and KPIs. And if that requires one to call out on an […]